Linkin Park is one of the bands I grew up with and got to know through my parent who is a huge fan of them. Some of their songs are part of my favorite songs of all time but their music also makes me quite emotional so I don't listen to them too often.. I'd reccomend their songs when you need to let out anger or a bunch of tears


I discovered Kyary Pamyu Pamyu when I just hit puberty, she immediately became a big inspiration for my art and fashion. Her music brings me lots of joy and makes me want do dance out on the street haha, I wish I could become one of her backdancers. Her music videos are so incredibly well made and creative! I love her purin satisfied


Cavetown's music comforts me in so many ways. If you haven't heard of him before and you happen to like soft kina rock music definitely check him out! 'This is Home' is the first song I discovered from him through YouTube, I also saw him perform a few years ago (I only knew a few songs but it was really a magical experience).


One of the few artists I saw live from this list, and it was probably the first and last time I'd see them perform all together...The band started with 6 members, and not long after their debut one of them got kicked out. Another one left the band a year after I went to their concert purin anxiousI had lots of fun at the concert and it might be my favorite concert experience!


Her majesty herself!! Aurora is so inspiring through her music but as an artist as well. The universe she presents in her work feels whimsical, magical and comforting. Going to one of her concerts is definitely a dream of mine. She seems to have so much fun dancing and performing when she's on stage!


can't make a page about my favorite artists without mentioning the one and only bangtan boyzzzpurin satisfiedthey almost single-handedly built my entire teenage years. I met a lot of my friends thanks to the kpop community and developed new interests like dancing and photo collages. I even had a fanaccount for a year or so at some point! Their latest songs will probably never make it to my playlist lol but I'm grateful for them and the work they delivered during all these years.