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Webmaster Profile

name: Popi

pronouns: he/she/they

occupation: animation student/goblin

favorite movies: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Princess Mononoke, The Lion King, How The Grinch stole Christmas

favorite shows: Nana, Skins (season 1&2), Terrace House opening new doors

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Hello there, thank you for visiting my room!

You can probably get to know more about me just by clicking around here but let me introduce myself real quick: i'm Popi, an animation student and expert hoarder in all types of things, most of it you'll see on this site. I started building this site in january 2024, so this has only been a hobby of mine for a few months.

Note that English isn't my first language, so sorry if I write funny sometimes. And if things aren't working at all on here just know it's because I honestly have no idea what I'm doing with this website.

Apart from that, i enjoy drawing and taking long walks near the port, I like to watch silly romance shows and eat creamy desserts (I love cake) with a nice cup of hot choco or matcha, I'm a night owl forever and I love to sleep. My dream is to later have many dogs and live with them in a bus. My favorite season is spring and my favorite song is 'Home' by Diana Ross.

I would love to make friends through here, I must warn you though that i'm not the best at texting (as in, i might sound confused/confusing) but if that's ok with you and you want to rant about shojo and other things, feel free to send me love letters in my chatbox (and add your site so that i can also see your cool work!)

Thank you for reading, hope to see you around!

xoxo, Popi

♥ feeling: neckpain
♪ artist(s) of the month: Chappell Roan
★ manifesting: worldwide peace & cash money
k-drama, (mostly shojo, slice-of-life) animanga, coming of age movies, silly reality tv
undiagnosed mess and whale noises
dance and
hot girl walks
pluto madewithlove palestie drawing in class water angels sweettooth sakura applejack timeblind teengirl pastelangel bro! pin silly doki2 butterflykith lovecore yazawa button strawberry! love comments sleep eattherich

Q&A by clam!

(some questions were skipped)

1) time and date u started this? 06/06/24 8.37pm

2) asl? I kinda know the alphabet and am thinking of taking classes!

3) opinions on musicals? fun but I don't listen to them that much. songs I enjoy are 'the phantom of the opera' and 'when he sees me'

4) favorite snack? dried mango

5) have u ever been in love? hell ye

6) favorite pokemon? absol♥

7) mario kart main? Rosalina or DK

8) tf2 main? what's that

10) are you listening to music right now? to disco!

11) favorite shape?

12) do you believe in astrology? kinda

13) do you believe in the occult? not really

14) opinions on vocaloid? gumi♥♥♥

15) would you ever want to be a rockstar?

hell ye i wanna be in a band!

16) do you easily get stressed? yes

17) what is/was your favorite class in high school? PE

18) what pokemon type would you be? dual types are allowed lol grass-fairy

19) rei or asuka? sanity

20) favorite html tag? < p >

21) are you religious? i am not

22) opinions on nightcore? slay

23) did you go through any major phase? (emo, goth, weeaboo, etc) all of it

24) are you good at drawing? i hope i am

25) do you crack your joints? i don't smoke

26) do you read visual novels? sometimes

27) can you sew? a little

28) can you cook? yes until shit starts burning

29) most expensive thing you've bought? rent

30) opinions on cosplay? iconic, i cosplayed miku once

31) what's your most hated band/musician? drake & seungri

32) are you a dramatic person? YES

33) what emoticon do you use most? shock

34) can a miracle certainly occur? everyday

35) would you let a vampire suck ur blood? no.

36) do you have a celebrity crush? i'm a libra

37) do you like snow? yes but not in the city

38) were you really into greek mythology as a kid? i was into mythology in general

39) what are some things you could competently deliver a speech on? whales, pluto, rimbaud, cringe culture, my parental issues

40) are you good at spelling? i'm not that bad..

42) do you think there's going to be a robot takeover? if they only focus on doing my chores, i wouldn't mind

43) HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR??!?!??!?! def not far enough, men are still a thing!

44) would you be an angel or devil? i would be a dog

46) do you like licorice? nO

47) whats one thing you cant stand that everyone else loves? famous male actors

48) what books did you like as a kid? naruto

49) can you play any instruments? bass & clarinet!

50) what song would you want to play at your wedding? supermassive blackhole

51) do you believe in reincarnation? no one time is enough i'd like to sleep

52) finish the sentence: I'm just a guy who ______ 's a gal

53) have you been to another continent? no :(

54) whats your worst habit? procrastinating and taking things out of proportions

55) favorite vegetable? cucumber

56) whats something stupid that scared the shit outta you as a kid? my mom

57) whats one of your guilty pleasures? pinterest and laying on the floor

58) would you rather be a ghost or a vampire? ghost

59) what do you fear most? close ones' death

60) do you sleep with any plushies? yes, many

61) what hobby do you just not understand? hunting

62) do you like the taste of alcohol? no but it can be fun

63) are you a hopeless romantic? my chart said yes

64) which deadly sin best fits you? slot/wrath

65) which of your physical features do you like the most? my lashes and my booty

66) are your ears pierced? yes

67) have you ever been in a physical fight? yes

68) where do you buy your clothes? my mom's closet and your dad's closet

69) where would you live if you could live anywhere? a warm island or california

70) do believe in magic? or is it all a trick? i am very much magic

72) what is the worst chore to do? disheeees

73) what did your parents almost name you? George!

74) what would you want your name to be if you were not your current gender? George.

75) what were your first words? NOOOPUT ME BACK IN

76) what do you want your last words to be? peace (my funeral planning is in my notes app, don't fuck it up)

77) when did you first regularly start going online? in 2012

78) what year do you miss the most? when megalodon was around, i miss him everyday

79) are you psychic? most certainly

83) favorite animal? humpback!

84) what web browser do you use? firefox and chrome

85) are you allergic to kitty cats?????i am not!

86) do you like energy drinks? not really

88) when do you usually go to bed? midnight

91) what was your favorite show as a kid? astro boy

92) whats the silliest hat you own? round dome cat hat

93) what album/song do you're feeling angsty the whole linkin park discography, and cavetown

94) do you make OCs? not really

95) whats the goofiest thing you do when completely alone? i wouldn't know, the goofiness never ends

96) do you like fireworks? they're pretty but they're bad so no

97) favorite painter? sorolla, and schiele, i think

98) favorite numbers? 7

100) time and date you finished this? 06/06/24 9.35pm....