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A la Mode

de Popi

This fashion notebook belongs to Popi

What you'll find in here:

  • my outfits of the week/day/month
  • online creators I like
  • designers' works I enjoy
  • and many other things (that I haven't thought of yet)

Popi's OOTD



Nice To Meet U...

Casual outfit for my first day at my internship! Comfortable and cosy to make my train nap enjoyable lol

z Z z

My period started that day so I went for a baggy, warm and comfy look! with my hair up just in case I felt nauseous.




Looking at it like this, it's kind of giving Beetlejuice.


Silver doll

is sumbodey gonna match mi freak!?



Tiger Mommy

Cool tiger mummy look I only wore once sadly.

Punk Cowboy

party outfit for punk cowpeople


iframe by Petra♥

Minju Kim

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