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Here you will find the few books I read or am planning on reading, as well as lots of webtoons and manga.
Lists are not complete yet!

to read:

  • The Deep - Rivers Solomon
  • The art of loving
  • Hakuchu Kigo - Tanizaki Junichiro
  • Shadow Star 5; A Flower's Fragrance - Mohiro Kitoh

Books I'm currently reading

  • On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous - Ocean Vuong
  • The Lost Whale - Hanna Gold

Manga/comics I'm currently Reading

  • Beck - Harold Sakuichi
  • Marmelade Boy
  • Filles Uniques - Paloma (the comics have playlists!)

Webtoons I'm currently reading

  • Daytime Star
  • Monsters and Girls
  • The D!ckheads
  • Night Owl and Summer Skies
  • Muse on Fame
  • Boyfriends.
  • Cry, or better yet, Beg
  • To the Stars and Back
  • NeverMore
  • Not So Shoujo Love Story
  • The Guy Upstairs
  • Morgana and Oz
  • Ghost Lights
  • Winged
  • ...

My Favorites

The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupery Dessine moi un mouton!! right na

A poetic tale about the prince of asteroid B612 who one day decides to leave his rose to discover the rest of the world. A story about understanding one another and yourself (along many other things).

Arthur Rimbaud, Le Voleur de Feu

Sarah Cohen-Scali pov you're iconic but they don't know it yet

Gifted child goes bad and writes poetry (and dates Verlaine but that part's not mentioned in this book for some reason).


Claude Marceau

The chief's son is born quiet and calm, no soul seems to inhabit his body. To heal him, his father sends him to a shaman who makes Soulless-Child's soul (idk how else I can translate his name help) travel through the bodies of different animals. He learns to fight and survive and finally discovers his true nature.

Princess Jellyfish

Akiko Higashimura Everything I love: fashun, ocean creatures, girls, romance.

18 yo jellyfish lover Tsukimi moves to Tokyo to become an illustrator. She lives with her other otaku friends in the Amamizu residence, which's acces is strictly forbidden to men. One night where Tsukimi was visiting her dear jellyfish friend Clara at the fisshop, she encounters the prettiest sweetheart fashion icon who will from then on turn her life upside down!

Saikano: The last lovesong on this little planet

Shin Takahashi She, The ultimate weapon. (My gf is a deadly weapon); this one is weird but I like cyborg stories

Shuji and Chise are two Hokkaido high school students barely starting a relationship with each other. Then, with no warning, a squadron of bombers from an unknown country destroy the city of Sapporo. All hope is lost when suddenly, the bombers are destroyed by a small red light floating across the sky.


Ai Yazawa mentally unstable because stables are for horses!! read at your own risks..

Two girls, who happen to have the same age and name, meet on the train to Tokyo where they want to start fresh, the beginning of their new life. Even though they have almost competely opposite personalities, they become dear friends to each other and grow together into the merciless adult world.


There was a time where I really enjoyed reading, then it became more performative than enjoyable as I wanted to make my parent proud. Then I stopped reading for fun and only read for school. Now my attention span is too low to focus on a book long enough to finish it, but I'm working on it! Hopefully writing them down here will motivate me to read again.

Books I've read

  • Almond - Won Pyung Shon
  • Yunjae's brain condition makes it hard for him to feel emotions like fear and anger. He doesn't have any friends, but his family makes sur he lives a safe and nice life. But one day his whole world falls apart and Yunjae starts isolatig himself even more, until he meets troubled teen Gon.
  • Ginger Snaps - Cathy Cassidy
  • Girl Mans Up - M-E Girard
  • Timpetill - Henry Winterfield
  • Marlfox - Brian Jacques
  • Ecce Homo - Friedrich Nietsche
  • Max - Sarah Cohen-Scali
  • The War of the Wolves - Henri Loevenbruck
  • Just Kids - Patti Smith
  • Scarlet - Marissa Meyer
  • ...can't remember the other books for now...

Manga (& manhwa) I've Read

  • Nana - Ai Yazawa
  • Tenshi Nanka Janai - Ai Yazawa
  • Paradise Kiss - Ai Yazawa
  • Sk8er's -
  • Qualia under the snow - Kanna Kii
  • Pretty Face - Yasuhiro Kano
  • 12 kagetsu - Mari Okazaki
  • BX - Mari Okazaki
  • Shutter Love - Mari Okazaki
  • Love and Memories - Kim Inho
  • Poison City - Tetsuya Tsutsui
  • SK8er's- Hajime Tojitsuki

Manga I haven't finished reading

  • Beck - Harold Sakuichi
  • Gokinjo Monogatari - Ai Yazawa
  • Naruto - Masashi Kishimoto
  • Devil's Line - Ryo Hanada
  • Shaman King - Hiroyuki Takei (did finish the anime!)
  • platinum end - tsugumi ohba and takeshi obata
  • inugami - masaya hokazono
  • hana yori dango - Yoko Kamio
  • Seven Deadly Sins - Nakaba Suzuki
  • The case study of Vanitas - Jun Mochizuki

Webtoon archive

If you see a different genre specified next to a title, it means the webtoon is both f.ex a fantasy and a romance story! Also, most description come from webtoon itself, I'll try to add my own reviews at some point.

Read disclaimers on webtoon before reading!


    Remi Do has everything - she's super pretty, has the best brand sponsorships on social media, and gets 10k likes within secons of posting a selfie. Oh and she also has a serial-killing stalker following her

    You think your ghost stories are scary? Try listening to these stories from the ghosts themselves!

    After an unexpected family tragedy, a reclusive high school student is forced to leave his home -- only to face something much scarier: a reality where monsters are trying to wipe out humanity. Now he must fight alongside a handful of reluctant heroes to try and save the world before it’s too late.

    "There's a serial killer in his house!!" One of my favorite webtoons and horror stories

    A relaxing getaway in paradise, or a death trap? A young man wakes up on a breathtaking beach, but he has no idea who he is or how he got there. Try as he might to piece it all together, untangling this mind-bending mystery won’t be easy when every clue leads to more maddening questions... and the family that welcomes him into their home is not what they seem.

    Sam and Maggie are a normal couple, in a normal house, in a normal neighborhood. There is nothing strange about their heads, their neighbors or their sweet little dog. Everything is Fine.

    compilation of scary stories by different artists (and some authors from this list!)

    There’s nothing that Yohan Do doesn’t know about his crush, Dajeong. Where she sits in class, works after school... and even where she lives. But unable to approach her, he watches her every move from afar and will do anything to protect her. Anything.

    Rozy finds her neighbor, the guy who lives upstairs a little bit too suspicious.

    Having a handsome, kind and caring boyfriend like Elios means the world to Emma. Even a look at him makes her heart flutters. But little does she know about a secret lies deep in their relationship. What is the said secret?


    Summer is happily in love; Mira is a beautiful and successful woman but doesn’t have a boyfriend; Jung-A lives with her boyfriend for 5 years. These 25-year-old girls are very close and believe in that they can keep thier friendship and love forever. However, everything changed after Mira’s blind date.

    Togeun quits his job at his dad's company and moves out of his parent's house to pursue his new purpose in life, drawing! Except... he doesn't actually know how to draw. When he discovers the artist whose work he had been admiring is his old classmate Sonagi, Togeun begs her to teach him how to draw in exchange for giving her a place to work. Thus begins the cohabitation of two unlikely friends.

    Norang and Paran are known at school to be the perfect couple -- minus the fact that they’ve already broken up. But unable to back out of a promise to participate in their school’s dance festival as their class’s representative couple, they decide to keep their split a secret, just until the competition is over. As the day of the festival -- and their “official” break-up -- approaches, the two begin to realize that ending their relationship may not be as simple as they thought.

    Love story between an asocial videogame programmer and a violinist. Short and sweet! other work by the same author: 'Wild Beast Forest House'

    You'd think that being able to see the Red String of Fate would make finding your soulmate a lot easier. But for Avery, the blossoming romance around her only emphasizes her own string... with no one attached to the other end. Is Avery destined to live a loveless life, or can she tailor her own romance?

    How can we tell if we're on the right path in our lives? The right career, the right relationship, the right friends? Millie is asking those same questions as she stumbles in survival mode through her mid-twenties. And soon her room will be connected to another, where a handsome stranger is asking himself those same questions.

    Jo doesn't take crap from no one. Being fat as a teenager isn't easy, even when you know you're awesome. Watch as the clever Joan Rodriguez deals with school, bullies and all those people trying to change her.

    Jia Han, a 32-year-old freelancer with no work, is tired of her parents nagging her to get married and finally move out. When she runs into her childhood friend, Mincheol Jin, who is also feeling the same pressure from his parents, she blurts out that they should just get married to solve both of their problems. Little did she know he’d accept her suggestion, and she suddenly finds herself thrust into marriage. A story of an unexpected romance that’ll have you scrolling for more!

    Witness what the gods do…after dark. The friendships and the lies, the gossip and the wild parties, and of course, forbidden love. Because it turns out, the gods aren’t so different from us after all, especially when it comes to their problems. Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories -- The Taking of Persephone -- as it’s never been told before.


    When a new heir to the duchy of Belluna comes of age, there is held the Heir's Game: a brutal series of duels to determine the heir's bodyguard. When Theuden, the new heir, meets Isran, a quiet duelist with a mysterious past, their love will threaten to change everything.

    hot mafia guy!!

    After making a grisly discovery in the countryside, a small town book editor’s life gets entangled with a young Mafia lord and his intimidating bodyguard...even as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city.

    A few thousand years have passed since an alchemist created Winter. Winter begins living with Jane, a writer, in exchange for telling her his story. From their interactions, Winter begins to learn the meaning of being human, and without realizing it, Jane begins to see a man who has changed her life in more ways than she could imagine.

    After losing her parents at the age of 12, Layla Llewellyn is passed from one uncaring relative to another until she’s sent away to another country altogether. Arriving in the Empire of Berg, she is placed in the care of Bill Remmer, a gruff distant relative who seems to care for little else other than his work as a groundskeeper for the renowned Herhardt family. After years of neglect, all Layla wants is a place to call home, but her encounters with the dashing Duke Matthias von Herhardt and the rest of high society pose trials and tribulations for the tender-hearted girl.

    Sori is a special young girl - kind, caring and principled well beyond her years. Unfortunately, these are NOT the personality traits generally celebrated in middle school – especially Sori’s, where she’s bullied mercilessly for defending the defenseless until she herself becomes a target. To escape, she transfers to a new school where the same old problems begin to play out all over again – that is until a mysterious trail of letters leads Sori on a magical scavenger hunt through the hidden world that exists right below the surface of her new middle school. The mail trail is the work an anonymous guardian angel, whose mission seems to be to provide a soft landing for Sori at her new school. But who is this person? And why did he choose her? With each letter, secrets are revealed and bonds are formed - as Sori learns about friendship, flora, fauna and finding the good in people in this strange new environment.

    “I’m an unknown actress who cleans houses as a side gig. Ironically, my name means fame.” Struggling actress Myeong stumbles upon a photo exhibition filled with photos of her younger self, when she was filled with hope. Can she become a star as this mysterious photographer’s muse?


  • Mystical romance
  • After arriving in town for university, Fern settles into her new life, full of spooky creatures, all-girl punk bands and an awful lot of cutesy caffeinated drinks…

    The year is 1989, and Jackson is starting his senior year at a brand new school. Even though he's back in his hometown with his new family, he can't seem to shake this ominous and uneasy feeling invading his mind. It's not until he meets the popular kid, Exer, that reality starts to feel more like the work of his imagination.

    Friends since childhood, Haru and Hana do not have a typical relationship -- Hana is human, and Haru is her werewolf who must protect her. Although werewolves are starting to have more rights, they are still seen as exotic beasts by society. As the two fall in love, what will be their fate?